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New Life Trail had humble beginnings when Renee Spears and her husband rented five acres of an eighty-acre piece of land for their two horses.

Now it is home to more than 100 animals ranging from horses, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, and more! New Life Trails focuses on helping at-risk youth through both practical and spiritual enrichment, but the trails are open to everybody. Come and experience the joy of being in God's beautiful Creation!

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New Life Trails is a non-profit 501(c)3 facility that uses animal therapy to help everyone from young students to disabled veterans, the elderly, and at-risk youth.

The trails are staffed entirely by volunteers and most of the animal feed is donated.

Most of the animals are rescued or donated.


Meet our Founder
Renee Spears

Spears, a math and reading intervention teacher with Ponca City schools said she saw a need to help kids who had missed the opportunity to learn fundamental skills in pre-K and kindergarten. She developed her own method of repetitive learning that helps these students retain information. 


Spears says the facilities tutoring program uses the animals along with the curriculum she developed to help kids who need a little extra help not only learn those fundamental skills but to empower them to do better in their personal lives as well. “The kids fall in love with the animals and once you win their hearts you can win their minds. I’ve had parents tell me that our camps have changed the life of their child and that is truly a great feeling."


Renee's vision for New Life Trails is to make it something that belongs to Ponca City and hopes that residents will continue to invest their time and donations into the facility.

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