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Does something in your life seem too difficult to get through right now? Can you trust God that there is a purpose in your discomfort? Can you thank Him that He is all loving, all knowing, and regardless of the outcome there is a plan that has been perfectly orchestrated to accomplish what needs to be fulfilled!

Thank you God, that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 Being a group of young children, I expected short, but failed attempts at the milking of our goat, Sunflower. It’s one of the group activities that we make available to the children that visit us at the Trails. However, this day was sooo different! Instead of being a difficult fleeting activity, it was the main focus. This attitude was spurred on by one little. While many adults cannot master goat milking, she had it mastered!!! She was filling the container one squirt after the next! Not only was she determined to milk the goat, she, then, fed it to our baby pig, Daisy. I was awe struck at her trips back and forth. Her faith and enthusiasm inspired me! When my heart is determined and my Jesus has put a vision in my heart with the strength to fulfill it; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

My Heavenly Father,

Help me to be mindful today that if You bring me to it that You will bring me through it. Help me to rest in Your peace, Your presence, Your provision. Let the situation bring me closer to You, not further away, and let it make me better, not bitter.

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